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Terms and Conditions


The championships are open to members of SLSGB and/or SLSA Wales, all competitors named on the entry form must be paid up members of SLSGB and/or SLSA Wales. Competitors whose membership is received by SLSGB after that date will not be eligible to compete in this Championship.


Clubs must be in possession of parental consent forms and Team Managers must be aware of any medication necessary for team members. We strongly advise that all Team Managers, Officials and helpers involved in the event should be registered with and cleared by the Club Safeguarding Officer and where appropriate, relevant checks are completed. By entering the competition you agree that SLSGB events are held in public places and by participating in these Championships, competitors may be photographed and these may be published. A guide to child welfare procedures for this event will be sent to Team Managers and will be available on request to any interested parties. If you do not give consent for your child to have photographs taken and possibly used for promotional purposes which may include media, social media and website images, at SLSGB events, it is your responsibility to register with the National Safeguarding Manager or Event Manager at the SLSGB event HQ at the beginning of the event.

Cancellation Policy:

If the Event must be cancelled for safety reasons, a change in Government C19 Policy or venue closer the Organiser will attempt to notify Team Managers who have provided a contact phone number or e–mail address. No refunds will be given for costs incurred to comply with entry eligibility or travel to the event. The Organiser will produce an account for all the direct non recoverable Event Costs expended and will add £5 for each entrant to cover administration costs. Any balance remaining will be refunded pro rata to each entrant upon the written request of the Club Team representative. Any amount unclaimed by the 30th December will be treated as a donation the Charity (SLSGB).

Club Place Judges/Helpers:

Please note that in order to manage the number of competitors anticipated the events will run in two arenas at the same time. Each competing club will be required to supply at least one place judge/helper for the duration of the event.

Total Competitors Entered between 5 and 10 2 place judges/helpers supplied in total
Total Competitors Entered between 10 and 15 3 place judges/helpers supplied in total
Total Competitors Entered between 15 and 20 4 place judges/helpers supplied in total
Total Competitors Entered between 20 and 25 5 place judges/helpers supplied in total
Total Competitors Entered between 25 and 30 6 place judges/helpers supplied in total


Any referee or official nominated by SLSGB Commission cannot be allocated as your club official/helper.

The club must name these people on the helpers form. They will be expected to report to the Referee at the start of the day and they will then be allocated their duties. SLSGB will ensure that drinks and refreshments are provided to them throughout the day.